Restaurant Impossible ambushes Lake Arrowhead Sports Grille

Restaurant: Impossible - No One Suspects an Ambush
Restaurant: Impossible - No One Suspects an Ambush

Fans of Food Network’s popular series Restaurant: Impossible staring Chef Robert Irvine will know that this season’s twist is the dreaded ambush. Tonight’s ambush episode features Irvine and his crew pulling off yet another makeover at the Lake Arrowhead Sports Grille in Blue Jay, California.


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Tonight’s episode was inspired by Konnor, son of owners Keith and Karen – who asked for Chef Robert Irvine’s help in rebuilding their business and mending his family.

As fans know, Irvine takes as much, or even more pride in mending families as he does in revitalizing failing family businesses. It’s an Irvine trademark and a big part of the reason for the show’s success. Not to mention Irvine’s tenacity.

Below is the synopsis for tonight’s episode:

Chef Robert Irvine’s next mission takes him to Lake Arrowhead Sports Grill in Blue Jay, Calif., where Konner, son of owners Keith and Karen, begs Robert for help. To Konnor, it seems that everything is falling apart: the five-year-old business, his parents’ marriage, his dad’s interest in the restaurant, and his mom’s health. Robert must uncover the heart of the issues and help rebuild this family that has lost its way.

You can catch tonight’s episode on the Food Network at 9|8c.