Hot Chocolate M&M’s will totally melt your heart

Hot Chocolate M&M's
Hot Chocolate M&M's

You can tell the holiday season is quickly approaching with all latest and greatest new candy flavors hitting the shelves. And when it comes to hitting the mark, look no further than M&M’s newest flavor: Hot Chocolate M&M’s


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M&M’s says their Hot Chocolate candies are made with dark chocolate, and from what we’ve been able to chew out, these newest holiday flavors do in fact taste like hot cocoa, without the bitterness.

Hot Chocolate M&M’s will be officially available exclusively at Walmart on Nov. 1, but some shoppers have been lucky enough to find them on the shelves early.

Here at Chew Boom, we expect to see a lot more limited edition holiday flavors to hit the market over the coming weeks.

You’ll be able to pick up a bag for about $2.88 at Walmart. If you’re watching your waistline, a ¼ cup of these holiday sweets pack about 210 calories. See the video below for a fantastic Hot Chocolate M&M’s review.