These Chips Ahoy Hot Cocoa cookies won’t be around for long

Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy
Hot Cocoa Chips Ahoy (Facebook)

Chips Ahoy has released a new limited edition cookie especially for this holiday season. The new Hot Cocoa flavored soft cookies are filled with a delicate cocoa center, while the rest of the cookie is packed with marshmallow and chocolate chips.


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These holiday limited edition treats won’t be officially released until November 2, but some lucky people have already been finding on the shelves at Walmart.

Nabisco recommends heating a pair of these beauties in a microwave oven for about 7 seconds in order to give you the feeling that you’re indulging in a real hot cocoa drink.

If you’re on a diet, you can watch the videos below of a few lucky people enjoying these Chips Ahoy Hot Cocoa cookies without consuming a single calorie. And speaking of calories, just 2 of these devilish treats pack 150 calories. One package contains 18 cookies and will cost you about $2.50.