Fallout’s Nuka-Cola Quantum soda is coming to Target

Nuka-Cola Quantum soda
Nuka-Cola Quantum soda

Well, it’s official, you’ll soon be able to pop the cap off a cold and refreshing bottle of Fallout inspired soda.


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Nuka-Cola Quantum soda is coming exclusively to Target locations across the US in November, thanks to a partnership between Fallout developer Bethesda Studios and soft drink maker Jones Soda Company.

Nuka-Cola Quantum will be available in the US starting on Nov. 10, which just happens to be the same day Fallout 4 is released.

For the true soda connoisseur, the crew here at Chew Boom doesn’t expect Jones to create new exclusive flavor for Nuka-Cola Quantum. We’re fully expecting a rebranded version of Jones’ Berry Lemonade flavor.