These new Maine potato chips are all about BIG flavor

Vintage Maine Kitchen Potato Chips
Vintage Maine Kitchen Potato Chips

A new company in Maine is cooking up some out-of-this-world potato chips, and believe me, that’s no easy task. Vintage Maine Kitchen, based out of Freeport, is producing some of the best tasting potato chips using all natural ingredients, including homegrown Maine potatoes – naturally.


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Company founder Kelly Brodeur has a background in food production and the fact that she was trained in culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University doesn’t hurt either. With her young daughter Merrill and husband Scott enlisted as more than willing taste testers, Brodeur set out on a journey to develop a preservative-free, non-GMO, healthy snack for her family.

But producing the perfect potato chip didn’t happen overnight. Brodeur worked several months perfecting her recipe before she had her aha moment.

Brodeur says she could tell she had the perfect chip when her taste-testing husband raised his left eyebrow and said: “This is the best effin’ chip I’ve ever eaten!”

Vintage Maine Kitchen Potato Chips
Vintage Maine Kitchen Potato Chips

After sharing batches with friends, Brodeur says the verdict was clear – the Vintage Maine Kitchen was born.

So, what makes Brodeur’s chips so flavorful?

To start off, Vintage Maine Kitchen only cooks in small batches. Brodeur also insists on all natural ingredients, including hand-sliced non-GMO Maine potatoes, sunflower oil and Maine sea salt. For the Maine maple flavor, Brodeur uses real Maine maple sugar and Maine sea salt, a combination that Brodeur says “delivers that salty-sweet crunch that we crave.”

Vintage Maine Kitchen potato chips are currently only available at retail locations in the state of Maine, but you can also buy them online directly from Vintage Maine Kitchen.