American Diner Revival with Amanda Freitag and Ty Pennington returning to Food Network

American Diner Revival
American Diner Revival

Amanda Freitag and Ty Pennington are returning to Food Network later this month with a new season of American Diner Revival.


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The new 14-episode season premieres Friday, Nov. 27, at 9 p.m., with Ty and Amanda helping local towns lend a hand in saving their struggling neighborhood diners.

The premise of the popular show is to give a needy diner a makeover over the course of a few days, while the owners are away. Amanda and Ty, with the help pf locals, give deserving owners the surprise of a lifetime with a new chance at success.

The premier episode features Jack’s Cafe in Westwood, New Jersey. The classic 1940s boxcar diner is missing out on New York City commuter business because of its bland and boring food. Ty and Amanda help to turn it around with help from kids of this modern-day Brady Bunch family, who have conspired to give their mom and dad’s diner a hip makeover while they are away for the weekend.

Jack's Cafe in Westwood, New Jersey.
Jack’s Cafe in Westwood, New Jersey.