Guinness to change 256-year-old recipe for vegans

Guinness Stout

There’s a big change coming to the popular creamy dark stout that has been brewed the same way for the past 256 years. Guinness is going vegan-friendly.


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Guinness plans to eliminate the use of isinglass, a gelatin made from fish bladders used to filter yeast particles and clarify the final product. The brewer plans to make the change to the animal-free method in late 2016.

“Isinglass has been used widely within the brewing industry as a means of filtration for decades,” the company announced in a statement.

“However, because of its use we could not label Guinness as suitable for vegetarians and have been looking for an alternative solution for some time.”

“We are now pleased to have identified a new process and are re-investing in a new, state-of-art filtration system at St James’s Gate, which once in place will remove isinglass from the filtration process.”

The company did not provide details on what will be used to replace isinglass, but there are several alternatives available which do not contain any animal products.