KFC gets their beef on with hamburgers in Japan

KFC Hamburger
KFC Hamburger (Facebook)

When you think of KFC, the first thing that comes to mind is mouth-watering deep fried chicken. There’s a good reason for that, KFC is the epitome of fried chicken. The “C” in KFC stands for chicken. So news that KFC is now offering hamburgers in Japan will probably come as a shock to some KFC aficionados out there.


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KFC’s hamburger offering in Japan consists of a mix of ground beef and pork – with absolutely NO chicken. Known officially as the Coarse-Ground Mustard Cream Baked Cheese Hamburg Sandwich, this cheeseburger is BAKED, not fried.

The burger sells for about $4.00 – which is on the high-end, but pretty much on par with the price of a Whopper in Japan.

This burger is oozing with tangy mustard sauce and cheese – so it’s no wonder the wrapper has complete instructions on how to unwrap correctly for the best eating experience.

KFC Baked Cheese Hamburg
KFC Baked Cheese Hamburg (Facebook)

According to Rocket News 24, this sloppy burger comes with two different kinds of cheese, including a slice of white cheddar on top with a generous helping of a Camembert cream sauce.

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