McDonald’s launching the thickest ever, made to order burgers

McDonald's Signature Collection
McDonald's Signature Collection

These are the thickest burgers ever from McDonald’s, they look absolutely delicious and nothing like the usual fare we’re used to seeing from this chain. There’s only one twist, these things will only be available in the UK. Well, at least for now.


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Although we’ll still refer to these burgers as fast-food, the Signature Collection of burgers will take longer to cook because every burger will be made to order – and these thick patties need more time on the grill!

“Due to the thicker patty the new burger takes a little longer to cook than other burgers on the menu which means at quieter times there could be a short wait for a Signature Collection burger, but it’s worth waiting for,” the company said in a statement.

The Classic, The BBQ and The Spicy are all served in a brioche-style bun and come in new stylish black packaging, with fries served in matching fry cartons.

McDonald’s is testing the burgers in 28 restaurants in the UK but is already preparing for a national rollout to around 400 restaurants by next summer.

No word yet if these beauties will be available on the US menu.

The Classic


The Spicy