Restaurant Impossible ambushes Copper Still CD Vodka Lounge and Eatery

Copper Still Restaurant
Copper Still Restaurant

The ambush theme continues tonight on Restaurant: Impossible as Chef Robert Irvine heads to Crestwood, Ill., where he’ll work his magic on the unsuspecting owners of the Copper Still CD Vodka Lounge and Eatery in an episode entitled – Ambush: Eyes on the Surprise.


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After receiving a plea for help from Stephanie, the bar manager, Irvine shows up unannounced and that’s the moment it all hits the fan. A furious Stephanie walks out and refuses to help. Meanwhile, the owner Christina’s marriage to her husband Dominic is failing along with the business, which hasn’t turned a profit since opening.

Robert is left in an awkward situation; he’s forced to work alone to solve the restaurant’s financial problems, and the family woes. On top of that, Robert’s attention is distracted by an unsuspected theft.

Doing the Impossible

Robert Irvine at Copper Still CD Vodka Lounge and Eatery
Copper Still CD Vodka Lounge and Eatery (Food Network)

Volunteers are a big part of the reason Robert can pull off the Impossible in just two days. Below you will find the call for help Robert issued for the Copper Still mission:

Chicago Fans: We are taping an episode of Restaurant: Impossible today and tomorrow (August 5 and 6) in the Chicago area and we need your help! Volunteers are needed to assist with the restaurant renovation, including painting, construction, remodeling, cleaning, decorating, etc. Skilled contractors are always an added bonus!

The volunteer schedule is as follows

Shift #1 – Until 11PM today, August 5!
Shift #2 – Tomorrow, August 6: 11am to 6pm

Volunteering is a great way to meet people in your community, while contributing to a good cause! Meals and water will be provided. Additional details:

  • You must be 18 years or older to volunteer
  • Any and all volunteers may be on camera
  • Volunteers should wear comfortable clothing with sneakers or boots (no logos)
  • You may volunteer for more than one shift
  • Feel free to bring friends and family

The Reviews are in

Chew Boom took a look at some of the most recent online reviews for the Copper Still CD Vodka Lounge and Eatery and for the most part, reviews were on the positive side.

The following review appeared on YELP! on Oct. 18, 2015 – post makeover.

I absolutely LOVE this place! They now have a full bar, I had a Moscow Mule,yum! The food is good as well…The blue cheese dressing is a little too thin for my liking BUT everything else was yummy in my tummy. It’s time to plan a Martini party there.

Overall, a total of 12 reviewers on YELP! rate the Copper Still as follows: 4 out of five stars