Uber driver ‘rejects’ tearful apology from fired Taco Bell exec Benjamin Golden

Benjamin Golden and Edward Caban
Benjamin Golden and Edward Caban

The Uber driver who captured a video of his passenger assaulting him has rejected the man’s apology, according to a statement released by his lawyer.


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Edward Caban’s dash-cam captured video footage of the confrontation between himself and now fired Taco Bell executive Benjamin Golden. The video has since gone viral.

Golden, 32, of Newport Beach can be seen in the video slapping, hitting and attempting to slam Caban’s head into the driver’s side window. Costa Mesa police arrested the intoxicated Golden shortly after the assault and released him from custody the next day.

The Taco Bell marketing executive was fired from his position with the fast food company on Monday. On Tuesday, he was charged with four counts of misdemeanor assault and battery and is facing the potential of a year in jail. That same day, Golden was sued by Caban for $25,000 in damages.

In a tearful interview with KCAL9 on Wednesday, Golden said he was sincerely sorry and is seeking counseling for his problems. Golden said the video was hard to watch, and he doesn’t remember anything that happened that night. He said all he wants is a second chance.

Caban released the following statement through his attorney rejecting Golden’s apology:

“I don’t believe he is genuinely remorseful for his actions,” Caban said. “Mr. Golden made the choices that led him to the back of my car, and he made the choice to assault me when I declared the ride to be over. If I had not recorded the attack on my dash cam I do not believe he would be taking the same position he seems to be taking today. Would he be taking these actions if there hadn’t been criminal charges and my lawsuit against him?”

You can watch the video of Caban being attack below: