Jon Taffer rescues the Off Base Bar AKA the Filling Station Pub in San Diego

The Off Base Bar formerly the Filling Station Pub, San Diego
The Off Base Bar formerly the Filling Station Pub, San Diego

In tonight’s new episode of Bar Rescue “Big Sister’s Watching,” Jon Taffer and the Bar Rescue crew head to San Diego, California where they take on the struggling military bar the “Off Base Bar” AKA the “Filling Station Pub.”


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In this episode, the distrustful owner of a struggling military bar spends her time spying on her staff instead of paying attention to her bottom line. Jon must uncover the root of her distrust if he’s to save her bar.

The episode was shot back in the middle of May, 2015.

As part of the rescue and makeover, Jon Taffer pulled off another name change, renaming the bar the “Off Base Bar,” to associate the bar’s name with the demographic the business caters to.

The following screengrab is from a Facebook post by the Off Base Bar that appeared on the bar’s Facebook page on May 15, the day before the reveal.


These are what the Chew Boom crew believes to be the new Off Base Bar Beer Towers installed by Taffer’s Bar Rescue crew and part of the gimmick to give the bar a signature showpiece.

Off Base Bar Beer Towers
Off Base Bar Beer Towers

You can view more photos of the Bar Rescue remodel at the Off Base Bar website.

Reviews for this establishment are mixed. Some like it a lot, some don’t. That’s clearly reflected in the wide range of reviews currently available. However, since the Bar Rescue makeover, reviews have definitely improved and are all very positive.

Bar Rescue at The Off Base Bar.jpg
Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer at The Off Base Bar (Screengrab Spike TV)

The following review was posted on Yelp post Bar Rescue:

Reviewer: 3 out of 5 stars. Recently got remodled by bar rescue and its alot nicer inside now. Is a dive bar and i dont expect much from it besides being a place to sing karaoke and drink kots of beer. Since the remodel the food has become top notch. Ted does an awesome in the kitchen. They havethere own signature cocktails now designed by one of the professional bartenders from bar rescue. The karaoke company does a good job, they have tons of songs and a few of them are great singers. Everyone here is basically a regular and were all friends. Me nd my roommate come here almost everynight to sing.

The bartenders are awesome. Alot of my favroite ones are gone now but the ones there are still great. Sometimes theyll give you free shots of something they just whipped up as an experiment. Good friends with security also. The owner is detestable though so i avoid her.”

Another Yelp reviewer left the following review post Bar Rescue

Reviewer: 3 out of 5 stars. All I got to say is what a difference some paint makes. I use to frequent this establishment way way back when it was the filling station pub. And a place where… well let’s not dig in the past. Good job off base bar. It was a very pleasant time. A good experience all around. Food was top notch. Love the pop corn on the tables. Yum. I love popcorn. The service was some of the best service I have had in that place. EVER!! And I work in the industry. Once again I enjoyed every aspect of the off base bar. Bravo.

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