Pepsi launching new soda called ‘1893’

Pepsi 1893 Coming Soon

Pepsi has plans to launch a new mysterious soda drink called “1893” according to a report in AdAge.


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The company has already got a trademark for the beverage and a company spokesperson confirmed the future launce of 1893 to AdAge, but provided no other details.

AdAge suspects the new 1893 brand is a reference to the birth year of a predecessor to Pepsi-Cola known as “Brad’s Drink.”

In 1893, Caleb Bradham invented the recipe for Brad’s Drink, the soda drink we know today as Pepsi-Cola.

PepsiCo filed for the trademark in August. You can see a copy of those Trademark documents below.

1893 From the makers of Pepsi-Cola
1893 From the makers of Pepsi-Cola

Per AdAge:

The launch of 1893 comes as Pepsi and other soda marketers deal with a long-term decline in soda consumption.