Pizza Rat pranksters terrify New Yorkers

Pizza Rat prank
Pizza Rat prank (YouTube)

We just can’t seem to get enough of the New York City Pizza Rat. So much so, that a couple of pranksters felt the need to build a remote-controlled version of the internationally famous subway rodent.


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The pranksters, who operate the YouTube channel PrankvsPrank created the robotic rodent using a chassis from remote control car, some cardboard and wax paper, a big slice of pizza, a taxidermy rat, and lots of glue.

The pranksters suggest getting the rat on eBay and using a piece of pizza that’s a at least day old – because it firms up. There’s nothing worse than a floppy piece of fresh pizza. Ask any rat.

Once you have your very own pizza rat, you can pull off a few pranks and become the next YouTube sensation.

Building your very own pizza rat is easy. But that taxidermy rat might creep your family out.

How to build a pizza rat. (YouTube)
How to build a pizza rat. (YouTube)

The video blow shows how the prank was pulled off and includes detailed instructions on how to build your very own pizza rat.

Behind the scenes pizza rat prank.

The original New Your City Pizza Rat.