Now you can customize your very own OREO cookie package with Colorfilled

Oreo Colorfilled
Oreo Colorfilled

With coloring books for adults becoming a trend these days, it only seems logical that the art of coloring would be leveraged by brands in an effort to ride that wave. And that’s exactly what Oreo is doing with OREO Colorfilled.


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OREO Colorfilled offers consumers the opportunity to digitally color exclusive illustrated black and white packaging designs from graphic artists Jeremyville and Timothy Goodman.

The online Colorfilled experience is available on desktop or mobile devices, and offers consumers the ability to create a completely custom package. Fans can choose to pick a range of colors and allow the site to populate the design with the chosen colors, or, for those seeking a more creative experience, a digital paint brush is available to manually color the designs.

Consumers can also select some holiday flair to add to their Colorfilled pack with accessories like scarves and antlers, or even use the circular cookie to spell a holiday greeting, such as “Joy” and “Ho Ho Ho.”

OREO Colorfilled Black and White
OREO Colorfilled Black and White blank

If you’re interested in a more intimate hands-on experience, you can order a color-your-own pack. The pack contains a black and white design of choice with custom markers. Both online and manual options also allow fans to add something sweet with a personalized, heartfelt note in the top corner.

OREO Colorfilled color
OREO Colorfilled

Consumers should take note that the “Colorfilled” campaign is for the holiday season only. When you’re done, the packs will be shipped to you at a cost of $15 each.