In-N-Out sues startup delivery service DoorDash

In-N-Out Vs DoorDash
In-N-Out vs DoorDash (Screen Capture)

What could be better than having an In-N-Out Double-Double delivered to your door? Two of them, of course. Well, on a more serious note, In-N-Out is suing startup food delivery service DoorDash for just that – delivering its food.


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So what is exactly wrong with having your food delivered? Nothing at all, but there’s more to this story than meets the grill.

To start with, In-N-Out has no affiliation with DoorDash and In-N-Out alleges DoorDash is using an imitation In-N-Out logo on its website. In-N-Out disapproves and they have made that known to DoorDash, more than once. And that my friend is how we get a letter delivered from an attorney.

In-N-Out is concerned about their reputation because they have no control over delivery times, or DoorDash’s food safety practices.

In-N-Out is suing for damages, and to stop DoorDash from selling its food.

Read the complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the Central California District on Nov. 6.