Restaurant Impossible at Ellendale’s Restaurant in Nashville

Ellendale’s Restaurant
Ellendale’s Restaurant

Robert Irvine and the Restaurant Impossible crew are off to Ellendale’s Restaurant in Nashville, for Thursday night’s latest Ambush episode “Stay … Or Go,” where former employees reach out to Robert and the Restaurant Impossible crew for help. The makeover at Ellendale’s took place on September 16 and 17.


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With the owner Julie Buhler’s management style leaving the staff frustrated and unmotivated, the employees see the potential in this historic Nashville staple, but the owner is worried about how being on TV will affect her restaurant’s reputation.

Owner and Executive Chef Julie Buhler started her culinary career in Milwaukee Wisconsin, where she launched her own catering business while attending college.

In 1998 Buhler was the personal chef to Dolly Parton, where she cooked for many Nashville country music stars including Reba McEntire, Vince Gill and Garth Brooks. In 1999 she opened Ellendale’s.

Here’s a look at some of the changes the Restaurant Impossible team made at Ellendale’s.

Ellendale's post makeover
Ellendale’s post makeover (Facebook)

To celebrate the Restaurant Impossible makeover, Ellendale’s is hosting a reveal party during Thursday night’s broadcast. The viewing party costs $20 per-person, but that includes a 9 course tasting menu.

Ellendale's Restaurant Impossible Reveal Party
Ellendale’s Restaurant Impossible Reveal Party

The reviews are in

Since the makeover, reviews are mixed, but mostly positive. Most of the negative reviews pertain to small portions and high prices.

Below you will find a sample from some of the positive reviews that appeared on Yelp post makeover:

  • Very Charming! If your work or live in the area. You should definitely familiarize yourself with this place.
  • We ordered the chicken lettuce wraps. A-mazing! It was by far my most favorite part of our meal.
  • Recommended by colleague. Excellent choice. Had beet and goat cheese salad and pork chop. Both great. Service was friendly and efficient. Will go again on next visit to Nashville.
  • Simply wonderful!! I will be back. A golden gem on the outskirts oh Nashville. Good and atmosphere were amazing. Staff was excellent. Decor is beautiful!

Below you will find a sample from some of the negative reviews that appeared on Yelp post makeover:

  • We stopped going there altogether until we heard that Chef Robert Irvine and Restaurant Impossible went in to fix the place. After going there today, I am convinced that no changes were made except the price increase.
  • Well, it’s a cool old house. Charming and inviting. But when I was there last week, the appeal stopped at the front door. The steak came out and was large but only about 3/8″ thick. It was cooked OK, but was not flavorful or very tender. Had better steaks at Waffle House.
  • The service was great! Unfortunately the food was not good at all. I have only been for Sunday brunch, but I would not return, even for the generous $3 mimosas.
  • Service was Decent. Live music was Enjoyable. That’s about all. I ordered Steak Frites as the waiters suggested special. The fries were barely room temperature and the steak (ordered medium rare) was cooked close in some places, very inconsistent, but barely edible as the meat was tough and full of gristle.

Some of the food being served since the makeover

You can read the review for the above meal (Seared Atlantic Salmon with cioppino vinaigrette, sauteed spinach, and garlic), as well as Ellendale’s Braised Short-Rib with Seared Shrimp and Grits with aged cheddar, green beans, pimento relish, and shoestring potatoes at Work It, Berk.

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Moments from Ellendale’s during the Restaurant Impossible mission

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