KFC partners with DoorDash to bring chicken to your door


We all know that having fast food delivered to our door is a necessity, especially when we’re overcome by the urge for something good to eat in the middle of the night. How many times have you craved KFC only to learn they don’t deliver? Exactly.


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That’s all about to change, albeit in a small way to start, but nonetheless, KFC is getting into the home delivery business with startup DoorDash.

KFC announced today that it is partnering with DoorDash to roll out on-demand delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Orange County, with the expectation to expand the service to other cities in the coming months.

“Decades ago, people traveled from miles around to visit Colonel Sanders’ original Corbin, KY restaurant to taste his now world famous Original Recipe Chicken. Through our partnership with DoorDash, customers will now be able to order an affordable meal combination like the $20 Family Fill Up or individual $5 Fill-Up, or choose from the menu a la carte style,” said KFC US chief information officer, Chris Caldwell in a statement.

The Chew Boom crew would still like to see KFC by drone!