Rob Lowe reveals he’s a McDonald’s Gold Card holder

Rob Lowe's McDonald's Gold Card
Rob Lowe's McDonald's Gold Card (YouTube)

If you thought for a moment you’ve seen everything McDonald’s has to offer, take a seat, because we have some serious news to report. McDonald’s has a McGOLD card, and you’ll never own one, unless of course you know the “powerful people”. Rob Lowe does.


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During Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Lowe revealed that he is the proud holder of a McDonald’s McGold Card. The very special card entitles him to free food for a year at any McDonald’s Santa Barbara or Goleta, California locations.

Life isn’t fair, but you already knew that. You’re probably wondering what Lowe had to do to get one of these gilded discount cards. He knows “powerful people.”

“The way I got this is… my buddy in Santa Barbara’s dad is one of the original McDonald’s franchisees and he invented the Egg McMuffin,” Lowe told Kimmel. “How about this, he invented Ronald McDonald,” added Lowe.

Lowe told Kimmel he hasn’t had a chance to use it yet because he’s been busy on his new show, but he plans to cash in on Thanksgiving.

Check out the video below where Rob explains how he ended up with a gold McDonald’s card that guarantees him free food for a year.