The Negg Maker perfectly peels hard-boiled eggs

Negg Maker
Negg Maker

The crew at Chew Boom just can’t get enough hard-boiled eggs. But we hate the peeling part beyond belief. We’re sure most of you can relate. We’ve tried all the peeling tips, hacks and more, but ultimately, finding the perfect solution to peeling a hard-boiled egg is a shell game. That is, until now.


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Say hello to the Negg Maker, a kitchen gadget that will peel hard-boiled eggs perfectly with just a few vigorous shakes. It’s a magical device that actually solves a problem in the kitchen. We’re sure the Negg won’t become just another kitchen cabinet ornament. It’s easy to use and cleaning doesn’t take any more time than peeling an egg. We won’t dare call it the perfect kitchen gadget, but it perfectly peels boiled eggs, and that’s good enough for the Chew Boom crew.

You can watch a demo of the Negg action below.

The developers behind the Negg Maker are currently running a campaign over at Kickstarter. When the team meets their finding goal, the production process will begin, and you’ll be peeing boiled eggs with just a few shakes. No more shell games.

If you want to be the first on you block to own the Negg Maker, you can secure the gadget with a pledge of $18 – which includes shipping.