These new food emojis could be coming in to your phone in 2016

New food emojis
New food emojis(Unicode)

We don’t want to get you too excited, but we have to tell you that the Unicode Consortium has accepted several new food related emoji characters as candidates for release in 2016.


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In case you’re wondering, the Unicode Consortium is a non-profit corporation and the governing body for emoji.

The latest emojis in the official “Food” category up for consideration include an egg, a glass of milk, a peanut, a kiwi, and a stack of pancakes. How did we ever get by without a stack of pancakes!

But, and there’s a big but, these emojis are just up for consideration, and may never feel the warm touch of your texting fingers. They join 74 other candidates currently up for consideration.

We should know next May if all or any of the food related emojis up for consideration will be added to Unicode 9.0, for release in June 2016.

Food emoji characters
Food emoji characters

Two other emojis, officially in the “Animals” category are also up for consideration. The shrimp and squid will undoubtedly be embraced by sushi and seafood fans alike!

Squid and shrimp emojis
Squid and shrimp emojis