You won’t believe where this beer thief stuffed a case

Shippensburg Beer Thief
Shippensburg Beer Thief

Some people will do just about anything for a bottle of beer. And we do mean anything.


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Take this case in Pennsylvania, and when we say case, we literally mean a case of beer. That’s exactly what a person took from a Sheetz store in Shippensburg. Police say a man managed to steal a case of beer from the store by stuffing it under his coat and simply walking out.

“The security officer at the Sheetz store said he observed a male get a case of beer from the store’s beer cave and go to the restroom. The security officer went to the restroom not knowing the male had placed the beer under his coat,” Shippensburg police said in a news release.

Police also released a still image of the suspect captured by a security surveillance camera at the store.

This guy is stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.