Your search for the elusive McRib sandwich is over

McRib Sandwich
McRib Sandwich

Ever since McDonald’s announced the McRib sandwich would be returning to the menu this fall, the crew here at Chew Boom have been finding it hard to contain ourselves. Not only this, we’ve been having a difficult time finding a McRib Sandwich.


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In fact, the beloved McRib sandwich will only be available at about half of the chain’s franchises. We don’t mind hunting for a McRib, but we also like improving our odds of bagging one.

That’s where the McRib Locator comes in. It’s a website that allows users to post sightings of the elusive McRib sandwich. If you’re on the hunt for a McRib, you’ll definitely want to add this to your bag of tricks.

The McRib sandwich features a pork shoulder patty, barbecue sauce, pickles, and onion on a special roll.

To celebrate McRibs’s return, you can watch the dude below stack 10 McRibs for the ultimate Super McRib sandwich.