Domino’s Pizza truck crashes into overpass, spills pizza dough everywhere

Domino's Pizza truck crashes
Domino's Pizza truck crashes (Traffic Authority)

A Domino’s Pizza truck created a mess on a road in Indianapolis Wednesday, when the truck, carrying a load of fresh Domino’s Pizza dough crashed into an overpass.


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At the time of the crash the pizza truck was attempting to drive under a bridge with a clearance of around 10 feet. Unfortunately for the driver, the truck didn’t fit, and the top of the truck was peeled off by the bridge, spilling the load of pizza dough on the road.

The crash occurred around 6:30 a.m. at South Rural Street and Southeastern Avenue.

The truck suffered significant damage, but no injuries were reported.

Last month, a truck loaded with more than 22 tons of pizza dough and flour in Northern Arizona crashed, spilling the majority of its cargo onto U.S. 89.