This McDonald’s owner gave his employee a new car

Tim Groves - General Manager at Bowling Green-area McDonald's
Tim Groves - General Manager at Bowling Green-area McDonald's (Instagram)

We would all love to receive a bonus from our boss during the holiday season – a simple display of gratitude. Nothing big, just a confirmation that we’re appreciated. Today we have proof that a McDonald’s franchisee in Kentucky truly values his employees.


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This week, Tim Groves, a General Manager at a Franklin, Kentucky, McDonald’s, received a brand new Hyundai Elantra as appreciation for his hard work, dedication and 33 years of service to McDonald’s restaurants, from owner/operators Paul Burrell Management.

It’s pretty clear that Groves’ was ecstatic when he learned he would be receiving a brand new McCar for his dedication to the job. And who can blame him. It’s not like cars are routinely handed out by the boss.

The Chew Boom crew gives two thumbs up to the Burrell family for displaying gratitude in such an awesome way!