You’ll want to wash your mouth out with this soap made with beer

SUDS Beer Soap
SUDS Beer Soap

The Chew Boom crew are officially in beer heaven after discovering a new bath time essential – SUDS Beer Soap – the soap made with craft beer.


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And don’t think for a moment we’re just trying to lathering you up, we’re totally serious, in a beer kind of way.

SUDS Beer Soap is an all-natural soap manufactured with craft beer and the raw materials used to brew our favorite beverage – beer.

The developers say including the ingredients used in the beer brewing process gives SUDS Beer Soap exfoliating properties. They also insist the soap doesn’t smell like beer. Now depending on how you feel about the scent of beer, that could be deal breaker.

SUDS Beer Soap is available online for $6 a bar, or, if you’re in the area, you can pick up a supply at the taproom of Bent Paddle Brewing Co. in Duluth, Minnesota.

Currently, SUDS Beer Soap is available in 3 flavors – Almond – Venture Pils, Citrus+Cedarwood – Bent Hop, and Peppermint – Cold Press Black.