These new Oreo Churros will melt in your mouth

Oreo Churros
Oreo Churros

Are you ready for another Oreo twist? Just when you thought everything that could be done with an Oreo had been done, new Oreo Churros hit the frozen dessert section of your local supermarket.


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J&J Snack Foods introduced the wildly successful original Oreo churros last year, but now they’re following up on that success with new bite-sized crème-filled Oreo churros.

The new frozen treats are made from real Oreo cookie pieces with creme filling on inside and come packaged boxes of 20 pieces each.

These things are highly addictive, so you should approach with caution! And as always, the Chew Boom crew recommends buying more than one.

“We were overwhelmed by the national buzz surrounding the original OREO Churros, so immediately began working on a product line extension so that the snack was available to dippers or grippers,” the company’s CEO Gerry Shreiber said in a news release.