6-year-old McDonald’s combo refuses to rot

6-year-old McDonald's cheeseburger and fries
6-year-old McDonald's cheeseburger and fries (Screen capture)

Some of us like to put a snack away to enjoy at a later time – usually much sooner than later. Back in October of 2009, when McDonald’s shut down every restaurant in Iceland due to the worldwide economic crash, Hjörtur Smárason decided to pick up his last meal from the doomed chain.


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Smárason stopped by his local McDonald’s to pick up what would later be described as the last cheeseburger and fries sold at a McDonald’s in Iceland. Smárason had no plans to eat the combo – he just wanted to see what would happen to it over time. When he arrived home, Smárason threw it on a shelf in his garage and forgot about it.

Three years later when he decided to take a peek, Smárason was stunned to find the meal looked just as fresh as the day he bought it.

Smárason donated the combo to National Museum of Iceland, where it was on display for three years before it was returned to him.

Six years later it has a new life in Reykjavik’s Bus Hostel, where a cam streams live video of the combo to anyone in the world that wants to watch it not rot.

Iceland still doesn’t have any McDonald’s restaurants, but they do have the next best thing.