These $1000 bottles of beer are in limited supply

Glacial Mammoth Extinction beer
Glacial Mammoth Extinction beer

Beer it seems is getting a real splash of sophistication these days. Take for example a new brew produced by Storm Brewing in Vancouver, Canada. The craft brewery has produced a limited edition beer that sells for $1000 a bottle. Yes, a bottle.


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The crew here at Chew Boom can’t be totally certain, but we’d venture to guess it’s one of the most expensive bottles of beer on the market.

Glacial Mammoth Extinction beer is aged in French oak barrels for two years before bottling, and touts an alcohol content of nearly 25%. The team behind this viscous 100% malt beverage says it resembles a Port more than beer.

It just doesn’t get any better than this. But it does.

The beer is bottled in hand blown glass artisan bottles that feature prehistoric mammoth ivory pendants complimented with 14K gold clasps.

Only 10 of these beautiful works of brewing are available, so if you want one, move quick.