These chocolate slices are just like cheese slices only better

Chocolate slice
Chocolate slice (Twitter user @3216/)

Everyone is familiar with individually wrapped cheese slices – aka cheese singles. After all, what would a lunchbox be without a cheese slice sandwich? Now you can buy the most incredible individually sliced food product ever imagined. Chocolate singles! Lunch will never be the same again.


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Japan always seems to be in the lead when it comes to quirky food products. The new chocolate slices come to us by way of Japanese chocolatiers Bourbon, and you can buy these sweet slices of chocolate online.

I have to admit, my ability to communicate in the Japanese language needs work, but I have been able to determine that these chocolate slices are only available in bulk. So if you really want them, you’ll have to order 12 packages of 60 slices – each package contains 5 slices. All 60 of these 2mm thick chocolate slices will cost you about $26.00 if you order online.

The chocolate slices are very flexible, making them perfect for a wide variety of decorative food applications.

Chocolate slices in use
Chocolate slices in use (Bourbon)

The possibilities are endless:

Chocolate Slices Variety
Chocolate Slices (Bourbon)

They should last about 6 months when refrigerated. But these things won’t last 6 months, so don’t even worry about the best before date.

Twitter user @3216 has been credited with introducing the world to the new product.