Watch Alton Brown as he slices and dices these Amazon kitchen gadgets

Alton Brown
Alton Brown (YouTube)

So here’s the full meal deal when it comes to Food Network host Alton Brown and Kitchen Gadgets that can only perform one single task, or what he calls “unitaskers.” He hates them.


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In his latest video for The Daily Dot, Brown slices and dices a selection of some of the dumbest kitchen gadgets available on Amazon, and his hilarious take will leave you wanting more. The same way you feel about an hour after a feast of Chinese food.

Brown, noted for his quick wit and contagious sense of humor totally rips apart each gadget verbally, and does so by taking aim at the people who purchased them and left Amazon product reviews.

Our favorite is the Rollie – a device that cooks eggs in a cylindrical cooking chamber and when done, slowly oozes the eggs out vertically. The resulting product resembles a flaccid penis and Brown doesn’t let that fact go unnoticed.

You can check out Brown’s video below and pick your favorite. We’re pretty sure the Rollie will make your day.