Watch this brazen thief steal a $5000 pizza oven

Pizza Oven Theft
Pizza Oven Theft (Screen Capture)

When it comes to bringing home the dough, Halston Conella works hard at three jobs to help pay for his pizza business. But the brazen thief that stole Conella’s pizza oven out from under his nose last week was caught on a surveillance camera.


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Conella, 30, who operates Rebel Pizza, in San Antonio, Texas, was shocked when a friend called him last week with news that thieves driving a SUV hooked up his pizza cart to their car and rolled away with the $5,000 oven.

The brazen act, which was caught on video, shows a man driving up to the scene in a white SUV and getting out of his car to take a closer look at the over. Moments later, the SUV can be seen driving away with the stolen oven in tow.

Conella told KSAT News that he got a call from a friend on Friday at around 1 a.m. saying someone took the oven. “I couldn’t believe it. It’s really a one-of-a-kind thing. What are they going to do with that?”

Because of the theft, Rebel Pizza is pretty much shut down, but Conella hopes to overcome the culinary adversity one plate at a time.

Conella would really like to get his over back, so if you can identify the culprit, or provide any information that could help authorities recover Conella’s pizza oven, contact police in San Antonio.

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