Watch this woman eat 100 slices of bread in one sitting

Kinoshita Yuka eats 100 slices of bread
Kinoshita Yuka eats 100 slices of bread (YouTube)

For those of us that eat a couple of slices of bread a day, it would take almost two months to accomplish what Kinoshita Yuka did in a matter of minutes. The competitive eater from Japan made easy work of 100 slices of Texas toast sized bread in a single sitting, because, well, she could.


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Overall, the 100 slices of bread tipped the scales at around 8.4 pounds, with 10,000 calories, and that doesn’t include the mayonnaise, honey, jam, and butter she added during her feast of carbs.

“Halfway through my jaw got so tired I believe this was a tough challenge but I felt like I had to finish what I started, and well it was pretty tasty as well,” Yuka told her YouTube fans when she completed the challenge.