Bud Light is getting a major makeover and you’ll be singing the blues

Bud Light
Bud Light

Bud Light is undergoing a huge makeover, but not to the way America’s number #1 selling beer tastes. The Bud Light makeover is all about image, and this son of a King of Beers is going full tilt blue, as in the color blue. But not to worry, Picasso had a blue period too. And we all know how that worked out.


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After about 8 years in the same suit, Bud Light cans and bottles will be sporting a revamped look in late March. Bud Light fans will not be able to ignore new in-your-face bold blue look and new logo.

“In 2016, we’ll put a more modern twist on Bud Light, from the way the brand looks to the way it acts,” Bud Light’s vice president of marketing Alexander Lambrecht said in a press release.

“We’re proud to introduce our fresh new look, which pays homage to our most iconic packaging of the past, yet feels current and unique with its bolder logo and distinctive blue colorway. It’s a design that truly stands out from what’s become a sea of sameness in the light beer category.”

The new Bud Light packaging will roll out nationwide in cans and both glass and aluminum bottles in early spring 2016.