Watch this pizza delivery guy get a $1,697 tip

Pizza delivery driver receives $1,600 tip
Pizza delivery driver receives $1,600 tip

We don’t know if it’s a new trend, but there seems to be something going on with pizza delivery drivers being captured on video receiving massive tips. And when we say massive, we mean an extra-large deep dish kind of massive.


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In the latest episode of “Massive Pizza Tip” a church congregation in Ontario, Canada pooled their resources to surprise an unsuspecting pizza delivery driver with an over-the-top tip of $1,697.

Describing the Christmas blessing is as a random act of kindness, the Celebration of Praise International church in Windsor posted the video of a Bobo’s Pizzeria delivery driver receiving the massive tip on YouTube.

As it turns out, Bobo’s Pizzeria is a small shop, and the delivery driver Bob Ristovski is also the owner of the business. You can watch him break down in tears when he’s told the total amount of the tip he’s about to receive.