Applebee’s waiter turns over $32,000 in cash left behind at restaurant

Cash found at Applebee's
Cash found at Applebee's (YouTube)

Something quite amazing happened at an Applebee’s in California that is sure to restore your faith in humanity. A waiter at the eatery turned over $32,000 in cash that a family accidentally left behind after they finished eating.


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Brian Geery, 33, found a canvas pouch at a table in the Fresno Applebee’s where he works as a waiter, according to Reuters. Geery, who noticed a rectangular shape inside the pouch, brought it to the attention of his manager.

Geery’s manager encouraged him to check the contents in case the pouch contained medicine. When he did, Geery was surprised to find a stack of cash that exceeded his annual salary.

“I couldn’t believe it, I’d never seen so much cash in my life before,” Geery said.

Geery turned over the pouch to his manager and went back to waiting tables.

Police picked up the cash later in the day and when the family called to report the loss, arrangements were made to return the money.

For his part, despite being praised by police for his honesty, the 10-year employee of the restaurant wanted to remain anonymous and declined to accept a reward from the family.

The money was returned to the family after detectives determined it was obtained legally.