Batman v Superman themed cereal is coming in January

Super Heroes Cereal
Super Heroes Cereal (General Mills)

Start stocking up on milk because General Mills has confirmed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice themed cereals will be coming to a breakfast table near you in January.


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Social media has been buzzing ever since DC Comic’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns tweeted a first look photo of the limited edition Batman v Superman cereals.

General Mills appears to have sent out the special limited edition boxes of the Batman v Superman themed cereal to a few select “fans.” The limited edition package also includes a collectible cereal bowl, spoon and Batman mask. The Chew Boom crew also noticed one fan’s package also included Superman’s cape. How’s that for style!

Batman Cereal Bowl Mask and Spoon
Batman Cereal Bowl, Mask and Spoon (Twitter)

As far as cereal flavors go, Batman comes in the rare “Chocolate Strawberry” variety, while Superman fans will be feasting on the always popular “Caramel Crunch.”

The limited edition packages all come with the same message:

Hey, Batman and Superman fans!

General Mills is sending you an exclusive first taste of both of our new super hero cereals.
Whether you are a fan of The Dark Knight or the Man of Steel, we know you’ll love both these cereals. So eat up and show your super hero allegiance — to Batman or Superman or both — on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using #batmancereal or #supermancereal — or if you like, both: #superheroescereal.

Now, gear up and save the day, one bowl of cereal at a time!

– A fellow Batman V. Superman fan

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to the big screen on March 25.