Pizza Hut’s cinemagraph TV ad is a thing of beauty

Pizza Hut Cinemagraph TV Ad
Pizza Hut Cinemagraph TV Ad (Screen Capture)

A Pizza Hut ad that has been airing on truTV’s Billy on the Street is being touted by its creator Flixel Studios as the world’s first cinemagraph TV commercial.


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“truTV reached out to Flixel and asked us to create an alternate to standard video commercial. Something that captures the viewers attention in fresh and fun ways,” said Mark Homza, Chief Creative Officer at Flixel Studios in New York.

Working directly with truTV’s creative department, Flixel created the cinemagraph ad that plays for 10 seconds during Billy on the Street as a lead-in to a full Pizza Hut commercial.

The mesmerizing ad features a couple frozen in time taking a selfie in New York’s Times Square while everything around them moves at hyper-speed. The Pizza Hut branding is displayed strategically to the left and right of the couple on two digital billboards.

The team created the ad using a combination of Flixel apps including Persecond for Mac, Cinemagraph Pro for Mac, and tradtional animation software. You can check out some behind-the-scenes footage below.

The ad also pays tribute to Billy on The Street, one of the networks most popular shows.

You can enjoy a second slice of Pizza Hut’s new cheesy ad below.