Police draw guns at McDonald’s drive-thru in Kamloops, B.C.

Kamloops McDonald's
Kamloops McDonald's (Bob Gnarley VIA Twitter)

With guns drawn, police in Kamloops, British Columbia Canada arrested a pair of hungry suspects in a stolen pickup truck at a McDonald’s drive-thru Saturday afternoon.


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Police say they recovered the stolen 2014 White Dodge Ram 1500 pickup after the two suspects pulled into the restaurant’s drive-thru on Frontage Road in Kamloops, B.C.

Two adult males from Alberta were arrested at the scene.

“The police are now working on the investigation and tracking the movements of the two males involved from Calgary to Kamloops,” Kamloops RCMP said in a statement.

Bob Gnarley posted pictures of the take down on Twitter as the drama unfolded directly in front of him. Despite the ordeal, Gnarley noted that the restaurant didn’t offer to comp his meal. He was also critical of one police officer for pointing her weapon at his car as she approached the stolen pickup truck.