Woman high on meth hosts her own Walmart food and wine tasting party while driving motorized cart

Josseleen Elida Lopez
Josseleen Elida Lopez ( Citrus County Sheriff’s Office)

Something very strange happened at a Walmart in Florida involving a woman, a motorized cart, and the consumption of food and wine. Did we mention meth was also involved?


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Josseleen Elida Lopez, 20, shot up meth and then proceeded to drive a motorized shopping cart through a Walmart in Lecanto while feasting on sushi, mini muffins, cinnamon rolls, rotisserie chicken, and a bottle of wine.

According to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, officers responded to a call from a Walmart employee on Tuesday about a suspicious person driving around the store in a motorized shopping cart.

Walmart’s loss prevention officer Robert Gross told deputies that he observed a half-empty bottle of wine in the suspect’s motorized shopping cart. He also told police that he observed the suspect open a package of sushi and eat a piece, before placing the package back on the shelf.

According to the police report, Gross said the same pattern continued with mini muffins and cinnamon rolls. Gross also said he observed the suspect eat the majority of a rotisserie chicken.

rotisserie chicken

During a search of the Lopez’s two backpacks, deputies found a total of three empty syringes. Lopez admitted to using the syringes to shoot up meth prior to the shoplifting incident.

Lopez told deputies she was hungry and did not want to take any of the food items outside of the store, so she decided to eat everything she could while she was inside. She said she knew what she was doing was wrong, but she did it anyway.

She was charged with one count of retail petit theft and possession of drug paraphernalia.