Australia’s Watermelon Boy is the first Internet sensation of 2016

Watermelon Boy
Watermelon Boy (Screen Capture)

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, a young Australian boy is captured on video devouring a watermelon whole, rind and all! There’s nothing better than taking a deep dive into a delicious watermelon, but this is just totally ridiculous, in a good way.


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The boy quickly became an internet sensation after an Australian TV network broadcast video of the boy chomping his way through the rind of a whole watermelon at a major Aussie sporting event in Melbourne.

Shortly after the video appeared on television screens across Australia on Satrurday, the hashtag #watermelonboy was trending in the country.

#Watermelonboy quickly became a hit on social media.

The boy is the boy is the son of Tony Schibeci, a sports reporter and a radio personality in Melbourne.