Man charged with shoplifting after stuffing meat down his pants

Wesley Deane Stiller
Wesley Deane Stiller (Myrtle Beach Police)

Police in Myrtle Beach say they arrested a man after he allegedly attempted to steal food from a local grocer by stuffing meat down the front of his pants.


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A Food Lion employee told police that he witnessed Wesley Deane Stiller, 45, walk to the meat counter and place a pack of steaks down the front of his pants, according to the police report posted online.

The witness told police Stiller then walked over to the dairy section and placed a pack of cream cheese up his shirt.

Bur he wasn’t finished. Feeling the need for something to wash everything down, Stiller then proceeded to the beer cooler and stuffed two 24 oz. cans of beer under his shirt, according to the report.

Stiller has been charged with shoplifting.