Restaurant Impossible ambush theme continues in 2016

Tom Bury at the Starlite Restaurant and Pizzeria
Tom Bury at the Starlite Restaurant and Pizzeria (Instagram)

UPDATE 2:  We now have our full Starlite Restaurant and Pizza sneak peek episode preview posted (premieres on March 9, 2016), with a look at the makeover results and reviews since Robert Irvine’s intervention.


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Update 1: Season 13 of Restaurant Impossible premieres on March 9, 2016. Fans of Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible will be pleased to know that there’s no question whatsoever that the popular rescue show with chef Robert Irvine will be returning to Food Network later this year.

When the new season premieres, fans can expect to see the ambush theme continue. Not all fans of the show have embraced the theme, so the news will come as a bit of a disappointment to those fans hoping the show would revert back to its more traditional roots.

Here’s a taste of what’s coming in the new season. We won’t spill the all the beans, so have a look and get ready for a great new season of Restaurant Impossible!

Look for Robert and his crew to ambush Starlite Restaurant and Pizzeria in West Orange, New Jersey. The eatery first opened for business in 1961.

“Well just ambushed the Starlite Restaurant in West Orange NJ .. Wow .. Come and help change a persons life …,” Irvine tweeted.

On the scene as the crew tapes at the Starlite Restaurant and Pizzeria in New Jersey.

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Tom Bury posing for fans.