Donald Trump called a racist during lunch at the famous Red Arrow Diner

Donald Trump Red Arrow Diner
Donald Trump Red Arrow Diner (Twitter user @AnthonyNBCNews)

When Donald Trump sat down to enjoy a burger at the famous Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday, he got a little something extra on the side that he wasn’t expecting, but is very familiar with.


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The Donald was served a loud, helping yelling of “Enjoy your burger, racist!” by a young woman at the eatery who decided to give Trump a piece of her mind before leaving the restaurant.

According to ABC News 7, the heckler, who declined to give her real name, said she was just visiting the restaurant and had no idea Trump would be making an appearance while she was there enjoying lunch.

“I’m really struck by his racism and Islamophobia,” she told ABC News. “I wanted to make sure people remembered that he is racist, and that he’s using it to rally voters.”

The woman continued to fume outside the restaurant.

“I was shaking all over. I’m still shaking,” she admitted. “I did cry for a few seconds because it’s hard being that close to someone who can make such a difference, but know that I wasn’t able to say anything that could impact him.”

Trump’s team did not respond publicly to the incident.