McDonald’s customer pays with cash and tips with heroin

McDonald's Drive Thru
McDonald's Drive-Thru (Flickr)

Police in LaPorte, Indiana are looking for a McDonald’s drive-through customer who paid for his food order with cash and added a tip of heroin.


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The South Bend Tribune reported Tuesday that when the driver of a car pulled up to the restaurant’s drive-thru window to pay for his order two other passengers in the car handed over a wad of bills. The McDonald’s worker noticed the cash was wrapped around a tiny green plastic baggie containing a dark, rocky substance.

Police tested the bag’s contents and confirmed the substance was in fact, heroin.

The McDonald’s worker was unable to give a description of the trio, but did note the driver was slurring his words.

Police plan to review surveillance video in an attempt to identify the occupants of the vehicle. Officers believe the heroin was handed over by mistake.