You can chew your caffeine with Blast Energy’s caffeinated chewing gum

Blast Power Gum
Blast Power Gum

Blast Energy has jammed an entire energy drink in one piece of chewing gum, and your jaws are going to love you.


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The company announced today the release of Blast Power Gum, a high-energy caffeinated chewing gum that packs 80mg of caffeine in one piece of gum. According to Blast Energy, that’s the equivalent of drinking an entire energy drink.

Unlike most energy drinks, Blast Power Gum has zero calories and doesn’t contain sugar or Aspartame. Instead, the chewing gum is sweetened with Xylitol, a safe and diabetic friendly sweetener.

Blast Energy says the chewing gum provides consumers with a convenient way to energize without the wasted calories and hard crashes associated with sugar-filled energy drinks.

You can pick up a Blast Power Gum in three popular flavors, including Spearmint, Mango, and Peppermint.