New Easter Sundae M&M’s aren’t just for Sundays

Easter Sundae M&M's
Easter Sundae M&M's

You’ve been working hard for the past couple of weeks to stick to your New Year’s resolution and then, out of nowhere, comes Easter Sundae M&M’s to sabotage your best laid plans.


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That’s right, just in time for the Easter Bunny, M&M’s is releasing yet another new themed flavor to lure you in.

Easter Sundae M&M’s feature a white center surrounded by chocolate, and covered in a candy shell.

And if that wasn’t enough, M&M’s is dialing up the pressure by releasing two additional new flavors: Strawberry: featuring a strawberry-flavored milk chocolate filling and White Strawberry Shortcake: featuring a combo of white chocolate and strawberry.

VIA: Today