McDonald’s Japan offering chocolate-covered French fries

McChocolate Potatoes
McChocolate Potatoes (McDonald's Japan)

Forget the ketchup, grab the chocolate sauce! This sounds so crazy it just might work: chocolate-covered French fries. That’s exactly what McDonald’s Japan will be offering later this month.


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Sweet and salty really is an addictive combination, and drizzling salty McDonald’s fries with traditional chocolate sauce as well as white chocolate sauce will only heighten the pleasure and addiction factor.

McChocolate Potatoes – the official name – will be available at most McDonald’s locations in Japan on January 26, for 330 yen, or about $2.80 in US currency.

However, don’t fall in love with these delectable delicacies. McChocolate Potatoes will only be available for a limited time – until about mid-February. That of course falls right in line with Valentine’s Day.