Adam Lambert lands deal with Oreo for new ad campaign

Oreo cookie
Oreo cookie

He became a household name on season eight of American Idol and now Adam Lambert has signed a deal with Oreo for a new ad campaign. He certainly has come a long way since those days.


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As far as Lambert’s to-do list goes, about the only thing he hasn’t done is a television commercial, until now, according to Billboard.

The new campaign: Open Up with Oreo was launched just last week. Lambert told Billboard that the company’s mission statement really spoke to him.

“The mission statement really spoke to me. They’re encouraging people to look at our similarities as opposed to our differences and that is in line with my philosophy.”

As for the premise of the Open Up with Oreo campaign, it’s simple – Open your heart, like a cookie. The message is conveyed in two animated TV spots that debuted last week.

As for the burning question, Lambert says he’s a “dunker” when it comes to Oreos. Not only that, he’s a whole cookie dunker. “I’m a rebel that way,” he says.

Check out the TV spots below.

The one and only Adam Lambert invites the world to open up with Oreo in an all-new Wonderfilled anthem.

Wonder if we could remember how good it felt to wonder when we were younger? Everybody let’s go, Oreo, Oreo-pen up your wonder show, let it show, don’t let no one keep it under you and me weren’t born to see this world with our hearts closed so let’s live and wonder if with Oreo.