McDonald’s in France launches the American Winter promotion

McDonald's France American Winter
McDonald's France launches American Winter campaign

McDonald’s in France has just launched an American-themed menu promotion and they’re hoping it doesn’t get the cold shoulder. The “American Winter” promotion consists of five items, including our favorite, “Winter Fries.”


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The American Winter menu includes the following:

  • Bacon & Chedder Fondu (cheese sauce, crispy bacon, melted cheddar and beef).
  • Mushroom & Cheddar Fondu (cheese sauce, grilled mushrooms, extra melted cheddar and beef)
  • Breaded Cheese Burger (Breaded Mozzarealla with tomatoes, lettuce and sauce)
  • Breaded Cheese McWrap (Breaded Mozarella with tomatoes, lettuce and sauce in a wrap)
  • Winter Fries ( Seasoned potatoes)
Mcdonald's American Winter
Mcdonald’s American Winter

We don’t really get the ‘Winter’ connection, but those giant Mozzarella sticks look like they’d be awesome on their own!

Check out the cheesy ad campaign McDonald’s France is running to promote the new American-themed promotion: